Ajisen Ramen & Airstream Cafe; Glen Waverley

And this little piggy went all the way to…Ajisen Ramen and Airstream Cafe.

Melbourne winter is well and truly here, and now being so freakin’ cold, my friends and I thought Ramen would be the perfect meal to warm up our bellies tonight.

We didn’t have to wait too long to be seated here, and were given plenty of time before our orders were taken. There is plenty to choose from at Ajisen Ramen as their menu here is quite extensive – lots of small dishes and all sorts of different ramen, rice and bento combinations available to suit all sorts of tastes and dietry requirements.

PS & J both got the Spicy Beef Ramen, a new addition to the menu, whilst I chose the “No. 2 best”: the Chargrilled Beef Ramen.

x2 Spicy Beef Ramen; $12.80 & Chargrilled Beef Ramen; $12.80

x2 Spicy Beef Ramen; $12.80 & Chargrilled Beef Ramen; $12.80

Chargrilled Beef Ramen; $12.80

Chargrilled Beef Ramen; $12.80

Unfortunately I didn’t dare try the Spicy Beef Ramen – it looked quite intense! But PS wolfed it down pretty quickly so it must’ve been pretty good. No complaints from their end! The egg was perfectly cooked on my chargrilled beef ramen which I was super happy about, the broth was good but a tad salty. Unfortunately the beef wasn’t as tender as I had thought, it was very chewy but it still had a light charred flavour which I liked.

Definitely a great cheap eat if you’re looking for something filling and warm!

Visit: 82 Kingsway, Glen Waverley, VIC 3150
Hours: Daily, 11:30am – 9:30pm

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After dinner, we decided to head to Airstream Cafe to indulge in some dessert. I’ve been to Airstream heaps of times over the past 10+ years (gosh writing that made me feel very old!). It used to be the place to be for loud music, big groups, and giant cakes. The food was always OK, but I’ve always found it rather overpriced for what it was (and even more so as I got out and tried different places outside of Glen Waverley). Over time, it just became a place where I’d occasionally go with some friends for a late drink and cake – especially if there were a big group of us.

It has since had a bit of a revamp but one thing that definitely hasn’t changed is that there are still plenty of cakes immediately on display as you walk in…the sight of them makes it very, very hard to choose. We ended up sharing 2 pieces of cake between the 3 of us tonight:

Toblerone Cheesecake; $9.00

Toblerone Cheesecake; $9.00

Hazelnut Mousse Cake; $9.00

Hazelnut Mousse Cake; $9.00 + 3 scoops of ice-cream $6.00

Both cakes were very rich (the mousse cake especially), and I preferred the Toblerone cheesecake overall just because I’m a bit of a fiend for cheesecake, and this also had little bits of choc chip throughout it. However, it’s not a dessert I’d immediately want seconds of, or think much about after. There wasn’t anything special about the icecream either – it was not creamy at all and tasted like the cheap supermarket stuff. I do feel $9.00 a slice is expensive, just something about paying $24 all up for 2 cakes and 3 small scoops of vanilla ice-cream just seems ridiculously steep, especially if it’s not from a speciality cake place like LuxBite, Le Petite Gateau, or Burch & Purchese. But if you’re not expecting too much, and just looking for a super casual place to hang out with lots of room, I guess Airstream isn’t all that bad. At least the table service we got tonight was good – they kept topping up our water even though we didn’t ask them to.

Visit: Century City Walk, 285-287 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley Vic 3150
Hours: Weekdays: 11am until late; Weeknights: 9am until late

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3 thoughts on “Ajisen Ramen & Airstream Cafe; Glen Waverley

    • hehe. hopefully i can get round to blogging about these places soon…but just wait until you see the sweets from Burch & Purchese, LuxBite, Zumbo, Le Petite Gateau, and Om Nom Desert Bar…now THOSE are the cakes you’d wanna get your hands on! ;)


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